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Get in the kitchen with me, Chef James K Jones! I have been fascinated with preparing good food all my life: from my earliest memories in my Granny's Kitchen, to the Kitchen of one of the greatest French Chefs, to a Prison Kitchen in Florida, to an Authentic Family Owned Italian Restaurant in Birmingham, to opening my own place in 2006...Kairos Kafe. I also spent 5 years in a Non-Profit prepping over 1000 meals a day, to my current gig as a personal Chef with The Team Jones Company. I'm excited to begin this new adventure with you guys! I've done thousands of Cooking Demonstrations on Birmingham's WBRC Fox 6 and I was even featured nationally on The Food Network in 2014, but there were always so many restrictions... the goal of this channel is to share everything I've got by inviting you into my own kitchen. To learn more about my journey, check out The Straight Outta Prison Podcast (The Link is below) Thank You & I look forward to cooking with you! 🔥